Have they ever had an episode of Intervention for a weed smoker?

Yah, I didn’t think so either.

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Always Sunny Hallmark Promos


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” is one of the greatest shows online. I say online, because, what the fuck is a TV? The show’s characters are shallow, cruel, self-obsessed, stupid drunks - which is probably why I find it so enjoyable.

And the Hallmark theme of these new promos make it better. They’re all shot in a warm autumnal glow and have a sensitive voiceover about heartwarming self-discovery.

Here are more from the promo series: Me, Wings, Leaves, The Gift Of Giving

(Source: kthcelebrity)

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The guys who brought you The Trailer Park Boys are back with The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour.

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Regardless of this, FTP.
And as a lifelong Spurs fan and France fan, that was really hard for to type.

Actually it wasn’t. Damn, Tony Parker, you let her get away?! FFFFFFFFFFF-

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